<![CDATA[www.Seacretspot.com - Meet Your Guide]]>Sat, 29 Jul 2017 14:20:44 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Best half day fishing ever!]]>Sat, 16 Jul 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/best-half-day-fishing-everPictureGary A., National Sales Manager, Sport Fishing Tackle Industry
"Just returned from the ICAST show in Orlando.  The day after the show, had the opportunity to drive down to Jupiter and fish with Captain Cliff Budd.  This guy knows his fishing! 

Left the dock and went out just beyond the marina.  Stopped there to fish.  I’m thinking this can’t be right.  Within 5 minutes we had several hook ups of snook and landed 3 in the 35 pound area….crazy!

As we didn’t have a lot of time, left this spot within 1/2 hour and moved off shore some fishing for tuna, both with plugs and flies.  Catching a 15 pound tuna on a fly rod and reel is something special.

Cliff asked us if we wanted to continue fishing or go farther out and see a shark feeding frenzy which we opted for.  It was awesome! Twelve (12)-foot sharks feeding 10 feet from me got me thinking of JAWS!

I’ve fished all over the world and haven’t had a better 1/2 day of fishing ever."

<![CDATA[Capt. Cliff Budd "gets it"]]>Sat, 29 Sep 2012 15:12:41 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/capt-cliff-budd-gets-itPictureM. Conner, Editor-in-Chief, Fly & Light Tackle Angler Magazine
"When it comes to introducing newcomers to saltwater fishing, or furthering the learning curve for anglers with experience, Capt. Cliff Budd gets it. And by 'gets it' I mean he has a no-nonsense yet no-pressure approach to guiding, and has an innate ability to put customers at ease and convey the message that fishing is supposed to be fun.  

 A day on the water with Capt. Cliff is all about catching fish, make no mistake, but it also about taking in the peripheral sights of the marine-scape, which he knows intimately. Whether you seek a low-key "whatever bites" fishing trip to the Florida southeast coast, or you are into targeting specific species with conventional, spin or fly tackle, you're in good hands with Capt. Cliff Budd."

<![CDATA[Customer for over 5 years, at least 20 fishing adventures]]>Mon, 05 Dec 2011 10:04:47 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/customer-for-over-5-years-at-least-20-fishing-adventuresPicture
D.L. from NJ & Jupiter, FL
"My family and I have been enthusiastic customers of Captain Cliff for over 5 years now, having gone on adventures at least 20 times. We have fished up the Lox River, Hobe Sound and the Ocean. I have brought my kids, my relatives, my friends and sometimes just my wife. We have caught spinner sharks that had to be at least 7 feet long, Snook, Jack, Snapper, King, Mackerel and yes, even the occasional ugly catfish and ladyfish. Cliff is a true professional who deeply cares about his customers. He goes the extra mile to prepare and to assist us.

He's particularly great with my kids, having now watched them grow up from ages 10 and 8 to now 15 and 13. We have seen amazing natural oceanic wildlife, from a migrating herd of at least 100 dolphins to schools of leaping manta rays, grazing manatees, swarming spinner sharks, and attacking alligators. We have so many great memories with Cliff. Fishing is not a perfect science, requiring great skill and yes, some luck. Cliff is first rate in the skill department and generally has better luck, but perhaps there is some truth to the saying that luck favors those that are prepared. I highly recommend Captain Cliff and consider him a friend."
<![CDATA[One of the most professional guides ...]]>Fri, 02 Dec 2011 10:15:33 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/one-of-the-most-professional-guidesPicture
Steve S. from Boca Raton, FL
"In my opinion, one of the most professional saltwater guides in South Florida. Over the years that I went out with Cliff were some of the most memorable in my 40+ years of fishing. There were days when we caught 25-30 snook from 20 to 30 lbs. Also has top reputation from his fellow guides in the area."

<![CDATA[One of the best FL trip ...]]>Fri, 02 Dec 2011 10:09:40 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/one-of-the-best-fl-tripPicture
Dale H., Orvis Instructor
"I have been involved with the Orvis company for almost 20 years and have fished a lot of places with a lot of guides. One of the most memorable was an August trip with Capt Budd. Ryan Young, the manager of the Orvis store in Richmond, Va., and I did a ten day Florida fishing trip that covered both the east coast and the west. The two days we spent on Capt. Budd's boat produced almost as many fish as the rest of the outings combined. One of the best Florida trips I've ever had."

<![CDATA[More like a friend than customer ...]]>Thu, 01 Dec 2011 10:21:02 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/more-like-a-friend-than-customerPicture
Ed J. from PA
"In 1996, I discovered Capt. Cliff Budd. On my first trip ever with Capt. Cliff, I caught (5) 30+ lb. king mackerel, at least a dozen huge bonito (I couldn't get enough of their fantastic fight on light tackle) and (6) snook from 20 to 32 lbs.! All fish were photographed and measured and released. How do you top that? I have fished with Capt. Cliff every year since then and it just gets better and better. From sailfish, to cobia, blackfin tuna & mahi-mahi on flies I tied, I could write 50 pages on what I CAN remember of our adventures over the years &

you bet I will have many more! Five Stars in an endorsement doesn't say enough about this captain, his demeanor, nor the beautiful area of Florida's waters that he call his office. Cliff's business practices and fishing expertise is first class, and his boat & equipment is always very well maintained. I feel more like a friend than a customer, and I'm sure all of his clients feel the same."
<![CDATA[Cliff is the real deal]]>Wed, 30 Nov 2011 10:23:46 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/cliff-is-the-real-dealPicture
Randy W. from Maryland
"I've known Cliff for over a decade and can tell you, he is in a class by himself. Most guides and fishermen will never get it; Cliff does. Having a great trip is not just about catching fish; it's about having a good time and being entertained. Cliff is extremely personable and intelligent. He will give you 200 percent and will try to catch the fish you want; the way you want. He does his homework and always has a backup plan. I'm an advanced angler that has fished all over the continent and can tell you, Cliff is the REAL DEAL! From beginner to expert, you will have a good time. He does not talk down to people and has the utmost of respect for people and the environment. Cliff is an excellent guide; the best!"

<![CDATA[Knowledgeable of the water and habits of fish]]>Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:03:56 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/knowledgeable-of-the-water-and-habits-of-fishPicture
Sarah and Shelly W. from Hollywood, FL
"Cliff is an awesome fishing guide. His local knowledge of the water and 'habits of fish' is very impressive. We have some of the greatest memories of spending a day on the water with Cliff. Oftentimes we were the only boat catching snook, and Cliff would often prepare the fish for us. He happens to be a great cook, and his hospitality is unbeatable."

<![CDATA[A guide who truly knows his craft...]]>Tue, 01 Nov 2011 12:06:39 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/september-19th-2012Picture
Shay and Autumn D. from Miami, FL
"Although I enjoy fishing in my own backyard, I wanted to try my hand at snook. I have read and heard about Capt. Cliff Budd's stellar reputation for snook so my wife and I made our way up to Jupiter to fish with him. As soon as we headed out of Jupiter Inlet Capt Budd spotted a school of snook and instructed us directly where to cast our lines. This action played out over and over as we reeled in one fish after the other--each one larger than the last.. It was a thrilling day and a bonus fishing with a guide who truly knows his craft. We give the experience a definite "10" on the "pure fishing fun" scale."

<![CDATA[One of the top guides in South FL]]>Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:11:46 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/meet-your-guide/one-of-the-top-guides-in-south-flPicture
Larry F. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"I have been fishing in South Florida for 60 years. I fished with some of the top guides in the keys & S. Fla. Cliff is right up there with all of them. The bonus you get with Cliff is his great personality. He never gets upset if you lose a fish. My grandkids have been fishing with him for 10 years. They love being with Cliff. His boat is always clean & the equipment is perfect. It is great fishing & being with him." ​