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Greetings fellow fishing fans, and welcome to this article!

The heat both in the air and water have been right up there with the usual hottest summer temperatures.
Bonitos are everywhere in the water column eating anything that moves. What an amazing fish! They fight as hard as any glamour fish you can name, even though they are not really good table fare.

So please don’t gaff or harm them. They are easily revived if you launch them into the water head first straight down. Thank you. They are such a valuable resource to the sport, and fly-fisherman.
Blackfin tuna travel and feed with the bonito, so don’t be surprised when you score one. They are tasty.
Coming into the August full moon, early birds and late afternoon deep trolling are your best shot for a wahoo. They will also hit surface with live, and dead baits.
The sailfish action has slowed some, but they are still here in about 200 feet of water. Live bait is best.
Kingfish made an appearance on the “Hi-Bar”. Most are small.
The mangrove, yellowtail, and mutton snapper bite has been hot recently, and the bite should continue.

PictureJoe's biggest snook ever!
Snook fishing is all catch-and-release now, and there have been some fish around. However, some days they just won’t bite. That may be because of the up-welling causing an extreme water temperature change overnight. 

<![CDATA[Sailfish, Multispecies Shark, And Offshore Fly-fishing Has Been Best]]>Fri, 08 Jul 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/sailfish-multispecies-shark-and-offshore-fly-fishing-has-been-bestPicture
Greetings fellow fishing fans and I give you the latest fishing report. My objective here is to give readers an accurate report of the local fishing, no stretching.

The last few trips most of the pros have been catching and releasing some sailfish, sometimes multiples, with some really big fish mixed in. We had one recently that looked like a Pacific size sail. Black fin tuna are out there in the Gulf Stream. However, they have been running small. Like false albacore they are eating bait fish and some select flys.

Also, the shark fishing has been epic, we have caught and released sandbar, bull, dusky, hammerhead, silky, and saw a big tiger. 

Tarpon fishing has been on and off, with some fish really sizable. Be prepared to run and gun a long way, if interested. The poons will eat live bait, and fly’s when they are in the mood.

Snook fishing has also been hot and cold from day to day depending on water temp and quality.

<![CDATA[Giant Sharks Invade The Treasure Coast]]>Sun, 12 Jun 2016 02:38:35 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/giant-sharks-invade-the-treasure-coastPicture
Hello fellow fisherman!  Welcome to my report. I am pleased you are here.

The local report is done as accurately, and honest as possible. No fudging.

Offshore,  the fishing has been intermittently good and so-so, from day to day.  Some of the species that we have caught over the last few outings have been everything from albies, runners, and rainbow runners on fly and ultra light spin tackle. We also caught kingfish, and snook on live bait. We did see some nice tuna, but haven’t got one lately. The big story is the sharks.  Lots of them. Many species from sandbar shark, bull shark, hammerhead shark, and an occasional tiger shark.

​The big fish Randy caught this week, was a bull shark estimated at over 500-pounds. This fish was an absolute beast. Personally I have  never had one next to the boat this big. Great job Randy! Of course Randy is no weekend angler.  I would say he is world class. 

We also hooked up, but lost, a monster goliath grouper that was unstoppable.

The water temperature has been a bit low around 78-degrees. Normal should be about 84-degrees. Warmer temps should bring back the snook, and tarpon bite that will peak soon.

Good fishing and and good luck----------<*///><

<![CDATA[Albies On Fly Will Make You Cry]]>Thu, 26 May 2016 15:53:54 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/albies-on-fly-will-make-you-cryPicture
"You have tried the rest, now try the best." That's a saying on a lot of pizza boxes. To me, that applies to catching some super hard fighting fish.
Many anglers have caught multiple hard fighting species from around the globe that are highly prized.  They have caught different “slams” still in my humble opinion, and opinions vary.
False  albacore, bonito, hard heads, bombers, footballs, bullets or many other names for these fast-swimming speedsters , have been called, are one of the hardest fighting fish on the planet, period.
I think of them like the Rodney Dangerfield of fish. They got ”no respect”,  that is, until you catch one on the fly.

Albies take the bait, and swim as fast as a speeding train, or so it seems. They come up, go down, zigzag, you name it, they do it, all but jump when hooked. They do jump when feeding.
They bring out “Murphy’s Law” too, since they hit so hard, whatever can go wrong, will. If your line is not straight, wrapped around something, or just not perfect on the reel, something will give way, which adds to the excitement.

Then throw in some big bull sharks chasing and trying to eat them, it’s like hooking a fish on steroids. It is truly exciting, even for the seasoned angler.
There are some places that the fish congregate in for a few weeks, and our area, Jupiter FL., is a main hotspot.

We do practice catch, revive and release, so the fish can fight another day.

Let  me know if I can show you this amazing fishery, on my boat or yours.

Capt. Cliff-----<*///><

<![CDATA[May Shark Invasion]]>Wed, 25 May 2016 16:05:47 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/may-shark-invasionPictureBull Shark
Yesterdays trip was a mixture of various kinds of offshore fish which include:  albies, rainbow runners, blue runners, and shark ... LOTS OF SHARKS!

The albies are here in big numbers,these are the big fatties that reach up to 20-pounds. What a blast to catch on the fly. The kingfish were there, but not very cooperative in taking the bait.  We had a big quantity of fish caught.
​The inshore action was slow. The snook did not want to bite either because of the cooler than usual water temperature, or the dark water.

<![CDATA[King Fish at their Peak]]>Sun, 22 May 2016 00:33:01 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/king-fish-at-their-peakPicture
Greetings fellow fishing fans, and welcome to this article! The local accurate fishing report is my objective, whether you are a weekend fisherman or a pro-angler. 

Deep sea fishing: This is the peak time of year when it’s possible to catch kingfish in 75-130- foot of water using sardines or greenies for bait. The big smokers will be here, hopefully with the full moon in May, and possibly a few days after, depending on the weather. The fish have been biting both mornings and afternoons. Mutton snapper, blackfin tuna, sailfish, and cobia are a pleasant surprise by-catch.

Nearshore: There are still some pompano, jack, and bluefish sporadically looking for a meal while in our area. They will be gone any day. Tarpon will be migrating here very soon and can be targeted using live silver bait, crustaceans, or Black Death type flys.

Inshore: The catch and release robalo or snook fishing should be heating up along with the weather. These fish will be in many different areas which include mangroves, seawalls, docks, passes, beaches, and believe or not wrecks. Snook will eat live or dead bait and artificial as well. They are a hoot to catch since they take nice long runs, gill-shake at the surface of the water and jump. A highly prized gamefish!

<![CDATA[Local, Seasonal Fishing]]>Thu, 17 Mar 2016 00:53:27 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/local-seasonal-fishingPicture
Today’s report will focus on local, seasonal fishing, both inshore and offshore deep sea.

Recently inshore, the top water plug action has been good for catching jack and bluefish. Pompano have been feeding really decent at times, with anglers limiting out, using sand fleas, jigs and goofy jigs. The fish are both inside, and outside the inlets. Ladyfish, jack, blue runners, and snapper are mixed in, in those areas.

Deep sea fishing has been productive with a variety of species being caught in all depths of the water column. On the surface when the winds are from the north the sailfish and dolphin have been gracing us with their presence. Use live bait for best results for larger smoker kings, and big dolphin, but, dead bait works too. The middle of the ocean from depths from 75-120 foot is a good are to fish. The kings have been eating frozen sardines with the famous 3-hooked rig. Bottom fishing has been producing lots of action for the kids that want quick bites. The pesky triggerfish are there in numbers with the bait stealing filefish. So bring lots of sardines and squid. Do be aware that triggers and files are very tasty.

Most folks target snapper and grouper on the bottom, and they are around if you can get past the bait swipers.

<![CDATA[March Fishing Report]]>Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:16:08 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/march-fishing-reportThe springtime run of  jumbo kingfish is quite an event, and it's on in full swing. 

This year the fish seem to be bigger then ever. Fish over 20-pounds are common, and some are tipping the scales near 60-pounds. Limit catches are certainly doable at times. Mind you that these fish are biting intermittently, from day to day. 

Envisioning some smoked kingfish dip, with jalapenos, on a Ritz Cracker. Well let's not get our hopes up of a home run, when a strikeout is possible.

Let me explain. The porpoises are here, so are a variety of big sharks, not to mention the boat traffic. Then there is the single biggest factor  which affects fishing -  that is the weather. It's sort of a catch 22 if you will.

Remember it's better to be lucky than good.

Cliff ------------<*///><]]>
<![CDATA[February Light Tackle Report]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 09:13:24 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/february-light-tackle-reportPicture
Leaving Jupiter Inlet on a Winter morning is sometimes a little bumpy. Not today. It was flat calm with a slight NW wind.

The team on board was made up of Bob, Gayle, Paul, and Nancy. We headed north and made a few stops in some choice areas, catching a dozen or so ladyfish, and  blue runners on light-tackle.

Then we caught about 15 nice mackerel, and a bluefish up to the northern sector. My guests expressed that fun was had by all. 

The bonus was that they took home some mackerel that was skinned and deboned for a nice fish fry. I sure do love fresh mackerel. They taste great and are so heart healthy, like salmon, and sardines. Lot's of omega oils.

Good fishing,
Capt Cliff------------<*///><

<![CDATA[Miami Herald's South Florida Fishing Report]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 09:06:44 GMThttp://seacretspot.com/fishing-report/miami-heralds-south-florida-fishing-reportIslamoradaSportFishing.com reported the Spanish mackerel fishing around Sprigger Bank at times has been as good as it gets. Anchoring and chumming in 10 feet of water and fishing with live shrimp and jigs are getting the job done. Mangrove snapper fishing in Florida Bay has been good. Fishing near Flamingo has only been fair, and the offshore boats at Islamorada are finding king mackerel fishing good one day but slow the next. Deep-water bottom fishing when the currents aren’t too strong has been good for tilefish, rose porgies and snowy grouper.

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